Secure, Durable, and Convenient Solutions for On-Site Storage and Office Space

At Al’s Johns, we offer premium portable storage and office containers designed to keep your supplies, furniture, and belongings safe and secure at all times. With our 20-foot or 40-foot units, you can trust that your items are protected from the elements and potential theft, thanks to our high-security features and durable construction.  

Top-of-the-Line Storage Containers

Designed for durability and security, our 20-foot or 40-foot units provide ample space to store your supplies and equipment, keeping them safe and accessible at all times.

Security and Durability

Corrugated steel construction and high-security locking mechanisms protect your valuables from theft and harsh weather conditions.


Ground-level access and easy loading/unloading streamline your workflow, saving you time and effort on-site.


Perfect for storing tools, materials, and equipment during construction, renovations, or large-scale projects.

Maximize Productivity with our Portable Office Containers.

Maximize productivity on your construction site with our portable office containers. Featuring 160 square feet of workspace, air conditioning, heating, and essential amenities, our units provide a comfortable and secure environment for meetings, planning, and administrative tasks.

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